Carl Audia is a 34-year professional of the construction industry with extensive experience in residential and commercial projects in California, Texas and Massachusetts. He has gained the experience, skills and exceptional reputation to be renowned not only within the construction field, but also that of the legal community. Carl’s deep subject expertise and his highly effective communication skills in writing, speaking and listening are talents that litigators look for to win important cases.

Carl has provided 10+ years of courtroom testimony and discovery services in the Berkshire County area for a variety of clients including business and home owners, attorneys, developers, contractors and design professionals.

As a Forensic Construction Consultant, Carl’s expertise includes:
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· Owner and Contractor Disputes
· Construction Claims & Recovery
· Change Order Impact
· Construction Delay Analysis
· Contractual Disputes
Acting as an Owner’s Agent, Carl has been invaluable to a number of home owner’s during the building process by providing on-site representation for the owner, acting as a liaison between owner and builder and an impartial judge of the construction process.

Carl has also played a key role in pretrial settlements and has provided testimony as an expert witness in a number of cases involving construction disputes and owner/contractor contractual agreements.

Carl studied at the University of Connecticut and maintains a Home Improvement Contractor License and a Construction Supervisor License in the state of Massachusetts. He lives in Becket with his wife and three dogs.
Forensic Construction Analysis
Owner's Agent • Expert Witness
Construction Oversight
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