"Carl is the difference between winning and losing a case. Perhaps the most conscientious forensic construction consultant in Massachusetts".
Richard J. O'Brien, Esquire
"As an expert witness, Carl Audia brings a vast store of professional knowledge and experience to the courtroom, having worked in the construction industry for over thirty years and having learned his craft from the ground up. Not only is he is a superb finish carpenter, he has contracted and supervised construction of large, demanding residential projects designed by notable architects and featured in magazines. He has a wealth of business experience and a firm grasp of all construction industry building codes. With his calm and meticulous manner, Carl translates his expertise into language that any lay person or juror can understand. His ethical standards are apparent and beyond reproach. He has also played an instrumental role in pretrial settlements and mediations of complex construction disputes."
Mike Considine, Esq.
“When I thought my dream house construction was literally collapsing, Carl Audia came to my rescue. His professionalism and meticulousness to detail was instrumental in making my home come to fruition. What you get from Carl Audia is a thoroughness and knowledge that is invaluable to any construction problem.
Hank Alpert
President, Spartan Petroleum

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“Our firm has worked with Carl Audia in several capacities for many years. We have retained Carl on behalf of our clients as a construction supervisor, consultant in disputes between property owners and contractors, and as an expert witness in court. Carl is knowledgeable, experienced, fair, even-tempered and responsive. He also possesses a unique ability to resolve disputes, helping the involved parties to reach consensus and to avoid more costly and time-consuming disputes. We continue to rely on Carl whenever his services are needed.
Alexandra H. Glover, Esq.
Lazan Glover & Puciloski, LLP
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